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    Minor Leagues

    Start in the Minor Leagues to learn the basic rules of the game and then move on to the Major League.

    Generally, the rules of baseball apply. In this game, two players play together. They take turns being up to bat and out in the field. The deck of cards is shuffled and cards dealt out to each player until one gets a hit card. This player is up to bat first and the game is on!

    Using the cards as your team you play baseball - three strikes you are out, four balls you walk and single, double and triple base hits are all part of Toe to Toe Baseball.

    Using the scorepad and gameboard, you keep track of the count, position of players and the scoring runs in each inning.

    Included in the game is a much more detailed rules sheet complete with diagrams to help you PLAY BALL!
    The Major League

    You have mastered the Minor Leagues and are now ready to move on to the Major League.

    The play is much the same except that now you have 9 plays, such as the pick-off, the pop-up, the bunt, double play and sacrifice fly. Added to this are the strategic plays in the form of bullpens and pinch hitters and a wild card.

    Two players would normally play the game but in the Major League, because of the extra scorekeeping and plays, you can play with 4 people with partners taking turns being the hitter or the outfielder for each inning. Tournaments can also be organized with either the partner system or single players playing against each other.

    Score keeping is the same as in the Minor Leagues with the addition of keeping track of the strategic plays and stats for each game. You are now truly playing baseball!

    the Toe to Toe game board

    The game board helps to keep track the runs and outs. The game can be played without the board too once you get the hang of it, making for faster and more competitive games!

    baseball score board

    Use the scoreboard in the Minor Leagues to keep track of runs. In the Major League, the scoreboard can be used to keep track of the complete stats of each game. This latter is for serious players and for tournament situations.

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